The A B C for QR code marketing success!

The A B C for QR code marketing success!
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As we saw in my last article, QR codes can make you earn money. All it takes to do that is QR codes, creativity and a good marketing campaign. take a look at these A B C´s!

QR codes

Of course, to make money with QR codes campaigns you need QR codes (hard to figure out, ha?). But the important thing is to have a good QR code. What do I mean? I mean a QR code that has a good support system, coming from a company that you know is trustworthy and that creates their QR codes thinking of excellence, and not just worry about gaining as many costumers as possible, paying more attention to their own marketing campaign, than to the product they sale.


This is the part in which you think of an original, creative way of advertising your product, service or company. In this part of the process you are allowed to let your imagination travel, fly, in order to come up with a great idea. Yet, it is very important that you also do some research about your potential and actual costumers. Bear in mind, that an idea -no matter how incredibly good it is- has no value if it doesn´t fit your costumers´ target, if it isn´t addressed to them, or they don´t understand it. So this part of the process of creating a QR code that makes you earn money is a combination of equal doses of creativity and research, that if are well achieved, will end up giving you profits.

A good marketing campaign

And here is where many people fail. To make your QR codes be profitable, you need a good marketing campaign. It won´t matter how good is your idea, how original it is, if your marketing campaign is bad. And what do I mean by a bad marketing campaign? Well, I am talking about not using the QR codes in a correct way.

When you launch a QR code campaign, you always have to remember that those QR codes need to be scanned by the costumers.  You may be thinking:”well, of course girl, you´re not telling me anything new here!” but pay attention to what I´m really saying, take a second and think of some of the QR codes you´ve seen around you, in the street. Have you not seen QR codes in moving vehicles, like buses for example? And you may think:”what a good idea! If we place our QR codes on buses, they´ll travel all around the city, and more people will be able to scan them!”. Well, yes that would be about right but, tell me, how would you scan a QR code from a moving vehicle? Do you really think your QR reader or scanner would be able to read the code that fast? Well, let me tell you, it won´t. of course I encourage you to try to do so, if you please…

Another bad campaign would include, for example, placing relatively small QR codes in places far from the scanning place. For example, small QR codes in posters placed at a high level. Your QR scanner won´t be able to read those either.

So now, do you understand what I mean when I say that you should never forget that QR codes need to be scanned? It may seem like you had a great, original idea, but the most important thing is always to remember that costumers need to be able to scan the codes, and they won´t be able to do so if your QR codes are placed in uncomfortable, far, moving places –among others-.

So after reading this article I hope you start seriously thinking about how to build up your campaign, and not just think –as many people think- that you just create a code and put it wherever you want, and that that will make a good marketing strategy. Taking QR codes campaigns seriously will be very beneficial.

Any other “un-scanneable “QR codes you´ve seen or can think of? Contact me!

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