Fantastic 4 reasons to use QR codes in retail stores!

Fantastic 4 reasons to use QR codes in retail stores!
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We’ve already seen the ABC’s of the successful use of QR codes in marketing campaigns, now let me show you some of the benefits of using QR codes in your retail store. In this article, I’ll present you with 4 awesome benefits of this fantastic usage of QR codes.

1. Extension of the store´s brick and mortar location

If you use QR codes to advertise you retail store, more people –that those who have some spare time and like to spend it visiting new shops- will be able to see the products you’re selling. Potential customers, passing by the street, who liked your store -at a superficial appreciation of it from the outside- and have no time to go in and look around, see what you have to offer, would be able to scan the QR code placed outside the building and be directed to your online shop. This will allow them to buy products from anywhere and whenever they want, which would be good for your store because of the following things:

a) People like stores who worry about them, who understand that not everybody has time to shop whenever they want. This will bring customer loyalty.
b) Your store will increase its sales!

2. Reduction of queues

Customers will be able to scan the QR code of the product, buy it online and have it delivered to their houses, preventing the formation of long, annoying queues to pay. This will create a good environment of peace in your shop by:

a) Reduce your clients anxiety and nervousness.
b) Reduce your/your employee’s nervousness.

3. Reduction of advertisement costs

By using QR codes to advertise your store, you will reduce your advertisement costs, as QR codes are obtained for free, and you can direct them to whatever kind of ad you want on the internet! Can you picture all the money saved? Well, I do.

4. Digitalization of the store

You can add QR codes to your products, this will allow:

  • Customers to obtain more information about any product
  • Gaining of time of your employees and customers, by being this lasts able to see the stock for that particular item -if there are in the colors, sizes they want- and letting them come when the product they want comes, or to buy them on your online catalogue.
  • The creation a more interactive experience between the clients and the products.
  • In those QR codes you could advertise promotions.
  • The elimination the practice of show rooming in your store by applying discounts to those online products that were bought by scanning the QR code, for example.

So as you´ve seen, using QR codes in your retail store is extremely beneficial. What are you waiting to get QR codes for yours?!

Any other benefit you can come up with? Contact me!

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