The Magic of QR Codes

The Magic of QR Codes
The magic of QR codes
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What are QR codes? That’s a frequent question people ask. For example, when the QR trend was just starting, my friends always used to ask me: ‘Hey Amy, what are those squared little barcodes you scan all the time?’ or ‘What are you doing with those things?’, and any question of that sort you could possibly imagine.  And then, every time someone asked I had to give an answer to each one of them: ‘I am scanning a QR code.’

What is a QR code?

A QR code is one of those squared barcodes composed by what would seem like a pixels, I bet you’ve seen around lately in magazines, adds, billboards, discount coupons and all that kind of stuff. To most of the people’s surprise, this QR codes have been among us for a very long time now, since they appeared in 1994. Still, they became popular with the invention of smart phones. And why is that? … Because in order to be able to scan one of these QR codes, you need to use either a smart phone or tablet or any technological device of that sort.

What do QR codes do?

QR codes create a link between them and a web page. This means, that if you scan one of these codes it’ll direct you to a web page. ‘Why?’ Because the person who owns that QR code wanted you to see it! ‘And, why would that person want me to see that web page? ‘ Well, that is the magic of QR codes: you can create yours to do whatever you want to do. If you want you can advertise your product, direct the code to an online shopping site, create a discount coupon, put your personal information in it, direct it to your web page, blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn account, to a party invitation, and to so many other things you want! With QR codes, you can be as creative and innovative as you like!

How do I scan QR codes?

Scanning QR codes is very easy and fast! Here are some few steps you have to follow… and BAM! You scanned a QR code:

  1. You need to have a smart device
  2. Download a QR code scanning app. (you can look for them in either PlayStore, OviStore, or Appstore, depending your phone’s OS)
  3. Enter the app and place your device over the QR code.
  4. Scan it.
  5. It’ll direct you to the linked page.

Nowadays the most common usage of QR codes is related to marketing campaigns and advertisement. Companies and businesses all over the word have started to use these codes as a tool to call people’s attention to their products, to facilitate some aspect of their daily lives, give further information about one’s product, and more, different, marketing strategies they came up with. But, as we were saying before, QR codes’ use can’t only be limited to businesses interests,  they can also be helpful and fun for individuals of any age and gender (for example, by linking the QR code to a list of recipes, to your profile, to a Holiday card, etc.)

You may still be worried about QR codes’ public awareness. Let me tell you something, remember those friends of mine I was talking about at the beginning of this article? Well, today they all use their phones to scan QR codes; they even have a bunch themselves! And when they stop in the street to scan a code no one asks what they are doing, people have come very familiar to these squared little things, and many of them have a bunch of QR codes too!

So what would you use you QR code for? Write me telling me about your experience. Maybe if it is creative enough I’ll include it in my next article!

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