QR codes: customer magnets to your bar!

QR codes: customer magnets to your bar!
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As you´ve been seeing in my last articles, I´ve gone through the use of QR codes in marketing campaigns. This time, let me show you some marketing campaigns and ideas for the use of QR codes in Pubs and Bars.

Some studies have shown that nowadays many people would rather stay home with friends and have some drinks than to go out to bars and pubs. This has many reasons, amongst which we can find:

  • Their need to save money
  • They are bored of repeating the same story every time the go out.

To revert this situation many campaigns were launched, some succeeded, some didn’t. But, today I´m here to tell you about those who succeeded… and guess what? They include QR codes!

First, I´m going to present you with some ideas of how you can use QR codes in a marketing campaign to save or promote your bar/pub in innovative, fun ways. And after these ideas, I´m going to show you a couple of brilliant campaigns that turned out to be irresistible…

Ways in which you could use QR codes in your pub/bar:


  • QR codes in glasses: you could put QR codes in the glasses, especially if you offer your own brewed beer, with information about your business and it’s history.
  • Place QR codes in coasters: you could direct them to interactive games, they could leave comments and opinions so that you could make an analysis of your business’ performance, they could send the DJ song suggestions, etc.
  • QR codes in the waiters and waitresses’ t-shirts: people could scan their QR code and send them their order by message.
  • QR codes in drinks: for example you could put a sticker of a QR code in each drink with suggestions of appetizers that match their beverage, and more information about them.
  • QR codes in napkins, on the walls, tables, roof, chairs, anywhere you can imagine. There are infinite things you can do!

Finally let me show you these two awesome marketing campaigns in pubs/bars.

The first one was carried out by the owner of a bar, named Harry´s Bar. They wanted to increase beer sales during happy hours. Take a look at what they did:

The other campaign was launched by Budweiser. It helped both Budweiser and the bar in which it was implemented. Take a look!

See? Marketing campaigns with QR codes rock! They are not expensive (you can get QR codes for free!!!), and they really work. What are you waiting to use QR codes in your pub/bar?

Liked the ideas? Got any other? Leave me a comment!

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