QR codes will save our planet

QR codes will save our planet
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A few days ago -April 22- was the Earth’s Day, and so, in my anthropology class we were discussing what our culture’s attitude was towards the ecological and environmental matters. And there was something the professor said that caught my attention in a particular way, because it got me thinking a lot. He said that we (society) tend to separate the concepts of nature and technology; that we tend to counterpose those two terms, as if they were incompatible. ‘When we imagine future societies, we imagine them very advanced technologically, but we don’t picture vast extensions of nature coexisting with this technological world; sometimes, we don’t even imagine any nature in it.’

When the class finished, I was still pondering the subject.  I finally got to the conclusion that even though he was right about our unconscious -cultural- inclination to separate nature from technology, people were progressively -and due to the ecological problems we keep creating, such as global warming-  trying to find ways to use technology on behalf of nature and the preservation of the Planet Earth.

As soon as that thought reached my mind, I automatically associated it to QR codes.

QR codes are eco-friendly technological instruments! Think of all the ways in which you could use QR codes to help the environment! For example, by reducing the levels of deforestation!

What is deforestation?

For those who don’t know, deforestation is the cutting down of trees in large areas, or the destruction of forests by people. Some of the consequences of this process are: loss of habitat for many species, floodings or draughts, extreme changes in temperature, increase of greenhouse gases going to the atmosphere -as trees absorb gases and turn them into oxygen- and therefore, increase in the speed and severity of global warming.

How can QR codes help to reduce deforestation?

QR codes can store large amounts of information that would occupy many, many pages if printed. By using QR codes, those many, many pages can be reduced to a single sheet, or less than that!

Here are some examples and ideas of QR codes that would significantly reduce the number of printed pages:

  • QR codes linked to articles or even whole newspapers or magazines.
  • QR codes used to store books
  • QR codes linked to school material.
  • QR codes linked to promotions, flyers, coupons.
  • QR codes linked to essays, thesis.
  • QR codes linked to photo shoot sessions

Can you imagine how the number of cut-down trees would be reduced if those ideas were put to action?

It is our job to change the cultural dissociation we do with technology and nature. They can coexist perfectly. Reduce the number cut-down trees, save the Planet with QR codes.

Got any other useful ideas of eco-friendly QR codes? Leave me a comment!

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