Set your QRtivity free!

Set your QRtivity free!
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Yesterday was a terrible day: it was freezing cold and windy, and it rained as if it were never going to rain again. I was very disappointed because, my friend and I were supposed to go to a Creative Convention with my little cousins, where people, mostly handcrafters, had stands where they exposed beautiful pieces of art, but not only plastic arts or figurines, also poetry and texts, short films and music. While my friend was interested in everything that had to do with plastic arts, I was particularly interested in a story telling section, to show my little cousins, who were really excited about it. That’s why I was so disappointed: it rained so much that they had to suspend the convention… And I had promised my aunt I would take care of her children! -Which means, she was bringing them anyway, to spend a whole day with me.

So I was wandering around my apartment, thinking what I could possibly do to entertain the kids –and myself, remember I really wanted to see the storytellers, too- for a whole day. I knew it would be hard to keep them away from their technological devices (tablets, cell phones, etc.), but I didn´t want us all to spend the day looking at a screen…

… When suddenly… I had an idea!

I took my computer, and created some QR codes, printed them, and by the time my cousins got home I had our day all perfectly planned up. A storytelling day!

Treasure Hunt

For starters –and obviously before they came in- I hid some of the QR codes I had created all around the apartment. Then, I presented them to the first one: it was a video of me –all dressed up as a pirate- telling the unfortunate story of a ship that had sunken due to the horrible weather, and that we were supposed to find! I put some pieces of pirate costumes on them and we started our treasure hunt… each QR code was a different lead, also with a video of myself, representing a new part of the story and giving them the riddle to guess where to go next. It was so much fun! And you’ll never imagine what the treasure was… let me tell you: the treasure was another QR code with lots of cooking ingredients… which leads us to our next activity:


I know my cousins –as, I guess, almost every kid on earth- love cookies and chocolate muffins. So I thought that it would be a great idea that they cooked their own desserts. I had prepared some sandwiches and salad for lunch with the stuff I had at home, because I was counting on eating at the convention.

The QR code was linked to a video of a chef explaining how to do cookies and muffins. The kids were thrilled. They could imitate the woman, rewind the video if they didn’t understand, and stop it while they were trying to follow her steps. They had a blast.

After lunch, we did another activity I had planned for them:

A story tell of their own

I know my aunt loves storytelling, just like I do, and would have loved to come with us to the Convention, but she had to work, and couldn’t have been able to come. So I thought we could do something nice for her… we would create our own story to tell her! So we spent the whole afternoon preparing several short plays that composed a big one. The kids wore costumes and we recorded them. Then we linked them to QR codes, so that when my aunt got home, and the kids went to sleep, she could watch them all, and share all the fun we had. Which is one of the  marvelous aspects about QR codes: you can share your creative side with those who matter.

Any other creative ideas? Contact me!

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