How many times have you gone to the store and were not sure if that product was the one you were looking for? How many times have you bought your kid a toy that he wanted so badly, and that didn’t turn out to be what he was expecting? Or even bought something for yourself, and wasn’t satisfied with it?

Or as a company, how many times have you received complaints of customers saying that the product wasn’t what they were expecting, or ”what you said it was, or did”? Perhaps you´ve been standing in other scenarios, too; have you been thinking how to attract new consumers? How to give them an extra benefit that will elevate your product´s value, without an elevated cost?

Well, ladies and gentleman, in this article I will show the way in which all those problems can be solved!

Here I present you…

The benefits of using QR codes in packaging!

  1. As we said, there are times in which you buy a toy for your kid and the product didn’t do what he was expecting it to. This is probably due to advertising, and can be a source of trouble for the customer, the store and the enterprise. To the first one because he/she would have spent money in something that is not being used by his/her kid. To the second one, because the customer will try to return the product; and to the last one, because customers will no longer trust the company, and also because the store will try to make them give them the money of the returned toy, or not sell their products anymore, if the complaints are recurrent.
    The solution to this problem is simple: to use QR codes in the packaging of the product. This way, you could include a video or a text explaining what the toy does and what doesn’t, and avoid this kind of misunderstanding.
  2. At the store, you’re trying to decide which product to take with you… but you are not completely sure what are the differences between one and another… Here we have two faces to the problem, too. The first problem is the obvious one of the customer´s indecision as a consequence of lack of information. The second one is for the companies. One´s product will not be chosen.
    The solution? a QR code on the packaging of the product. This way, the customer´s decision will be easier, leading to recognition to the brand´s care. This recognition will mean loyalty and the chances that your product is the chosen one will be higher!
  3. If you´ve been struggling thinking how you could add value to your product without it costing you a fortune, I´ve got your answer: QR codes in the packaging of your product! That way, you could link whatever you were thinking of to your product, and with almost no cost!

All in all, by adding QR codes to the packaging of your products, you can increase added value, brand loyalty, get closer contact with your customers, you can make promotions and keep track of your sales in a more accurate way!

What are you waiting to include QR codes in your packaging?!