QR code business cards beat average business cards

QR code business cards beat average business cards

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In the last few articles I´ve been talking about ways in which QR codes can be beneficial for your company or enterprise, but in this article I will show you the benefits of using them for your personal interest… I´m going to present you with reasons why you should use QR codes in your business cards.

Average business cards are limited. See their main characteristics, then compare to the ones with QR codes. You´ll see the results.

  • Average business cards include your name, telephone, e-mail address, the name or logo of the company you work in –if you work in any-, perhaps one or two social networks in which you are in… they cannot hold any more information.
  • Business cards with QR codes, can hold as much information as you please! You could include many social networks you´re in, a web page, your telephone, addresses (your home´s and office’s), a brief description of what you do, a picture of you, and any other kind of relevant information you can imagine!
  • Average business cards are boring. They are often thrown away, forgotten, lost.
  • Business cards with QR codes are paid more attention; people tend to scan the QR codes because they become curious about the link it´s directed to.
  • Average business cards say nothing about you, except that you are just like any other executive…
  • Business cards with QR codes show that you are a person that understands technology and knows how to use it on his behalf, a person who lives in the twenty first century.

A QR code business card doesn´t only have to be composed by a sole QR code, it can include some printed things too, or even more than one QR code, for different links. You chose what design suits you best, you can play with the disposition, you can do anything you want with it!

Presentations are very important, they are determinant. See the difference between one presentation and the other one?

For any further information, or ideas you´d like to discuss or comment, contact me!

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